about fitness classes

Our fitness classes have all the equipment necessary to provide a great exercise. For sure we do have traditional cardio equipment as well. That is one of our main focuses because cardiovascular fitness is indeed important.  Even the professional athletes who train at our classes essentially need this. In fact, unlike in a majority of other gyms, our specialty equipment is used to eliminate all the unnecessary, outdated stuff.

We refer to the equipment that rarely helps amateur athletes as, in fact, boring.  A specialty gym like sportlabs offers a variety of proven, engaging fitness methods. Our techniques will give you  a hand in getting rid of all the extra weight and keeping your shape up! We never intimidate our trainees. Neither do we overload them with unnecessary training routines. Our gym’s coaches always try to provide the best assistance they can.  Our goal is to guarantee the friendliest and utmost competitive atmosphere.

People whom we would recommend taking our CrossFit classes:
  • Professional athletes, preparing for competitions
  • Law enforcement officers, participating in an active duty
  • Amateur athletes with a mid to long experience in fitness

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